Phil Harwood challenges and inspires audiences to reach their full potential by sharing his personal experience over 30 years as a business leader and insights from cutting edge thought-leaders. 

Phil is a highly sought-after speaker with an engaging, natural speaking style and wealth of valuable information to promote action. He regularly receives survey scores of 95% or higher. 

A recent attendee shared the following: "I've been going to conferences like this for many years. Phil's session was the most valuable session I've ever attended." 

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Keynote Description

Leaving a Legacy

Preparing yourself & organization for an inevitable transition

The next decade will bring an unprecedented number of business ownership and leadership transitions as Baby Boomers enter retirement. Unfortunately, statistics show that a large majority of these transitions are unsuccessful due to a lack of preparation. Attendees of the session will be provided with a proven roadmap for successful transition and inspiration to leave a legacy by taking the right steps. 

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