What is Sno-Motion?

Sno-Motion is a community of snow & ice management industry professionals interested in developing high-performing people, teams, and organizations. Sno-Motion is a brand of Pro-Motion Consulting, Inc. Phil Harwood is the managing partner.

Connect With Other Snow Pros 

Sno-Motion brings together snow & ice management industry professionals in a variety of ways to promote networking, peer-to-peer learning, idea sharing, best practices, new techniques, new equipment, and more. 

Let's Get Social 

Connect with Sno-Motion on your favorite social media platform. 

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Join a Peer Group 

Sno-Motion offers peer groups for owners, sales people, account managers, operations managers, office managers, and even crew leaders. Sno-Motion peer groups meet online once a month in a close environment with no competitors. Each member pays a small fee of $50 per month for professional facilitation and administration. Contact us to inquire about joining a peer group or starting up a new one. A minimum of five members is required to start a new group. 

Thinking About Selling Your Business?  

Every business owner faces the inevitable. The only question is whether the sale or transition will be handled effectively, with optimal results, or not. We are equipped to help owners prepare themselves and their businesses for sale or transition to a family member. Contact us to learn more.  


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