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Phil Harwood is the Chief Executive Officer of Pro-Motion Consulting, one of three companies he has founded since retiring from a successful management career. He is also a principle with 

Phil is actively engaged with both Pro-Motion Consulting, Inc. and Growth The Bench, LLC, his latest venture. In addition, he is a frequent guest speaker and is contributing writer/blogger for several publications/websites.  

Phil holds an Executive MBA with honors and Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing, both from Michigan State University. He was nominated "Alumnus of the Decade" by Michigan State's Executive MBA Program. Go Green.

Phil is a U.S. citizen; however, he has been authorized by the Government of Canada, Department of Citizenship and Immigration, to provide management consulting services in Canada as a Professional Management Consultant under the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

He maintains the following memberships and certifications:


       “The impact that Pro-Motion Consulting has made on my business has been dramatic.  We are more focused on strategy than ever before.  We are more unified as a company than ever before.  And morale has never been higher.  I highly recommend Pro-Motion Consulting.”

       “Pro-Motion Consulting has helped to align our company under one common goal and has become a very important part of our team.”

       “We continue to rely on Pro-Motion Consulting for our strategic and operational planning and I would highly recommend their services to others wanting to getting a notch up on the competition.”

       “Phil has the gift of discernment along with great instincts and perceptual skills. I highly recommend him to any organization looking for a consultant who is both thoughtful and practical.”

       “I have worked with Phil for a number of years. His commitment and participation in the workings of the Snow & Ice Management Association have grown over those years. I consider Phil to be an expert in sales, marketing, and business management. He is a tremendous resource to anyone looking for strategic help with their business or organization. Phil is a great person as well, living his life on a rock solid moral foundation that is conveyed in everything he does.”

       “I am thankful to have Phil and Pro-Motion Consulting as part of my team. He is no nonsense and straight to the point. He is not about the ‘rah-rah’ and cheerleading, but the nuts and bolts of the operation. He is very honest and sound with his advice, helping me to guide my company in a positive direction with the ability to grow and prosper. We look forward to his insight and assistance in the future.”

       “Our experience with Pro-Motion Consulting has not only caused growth in our company it has also spurred personal growth in individual team members!  It is not often that a consultant just fits into the company being consulted like Phil has.  It is as if he is one of our team.  His comments and observation are always spot on and to the point.  His consulting approach has brought camaraderie and cohesion to our management team.  Now everyone is focused in the same direction.  It is just like hitching horses to a wagon; they are now all pulling in the same direction with a common purpose!  I think Pro-Motion Consulting is a fit for any group that is looking to build team unity with an emphasis on company growth!”

       “Pro-Motion Consulting has been an outstanding company to work with.  Phil's vision and creativity have provided our company with a huge competitive advantage by helping us create a more unified and organized company.  Prior to engaging Pro-Motion Consulting, we were struggling with some of our management systems.  After just one session with Phil we were able to set up and continue on-going weekly management team meetings that are both productive and useful.  Pro-Motion Consulting has helped to align our company under one common goal and has become a very important part of our team.”

       “We started our company in February of 2009 with literally no experience in business, deep in the heart of an economic downturn.  With 33 years under my belt working on the shop floor at Ford Motor Company who would have thought my life would have turned in this way.  I was very fortunate to meet Phil Harwood and Pro Motion Consulting.  Phil has coached and supported us in the world of business and given me the confidence needed to approach potential clients, make the sale and sign contracts.  With the benefit of Phil’s experience in business we are receiving compliments on our professionalism in the way we conduct business.  Our team is developing a sense of pride in who we are and how we operate.  We are looking forward to a New Year of growth and prosperity and an ongoing relationship with Pro-Motion Consulting.   Phil Harwood has very gentle spirit and an incredible insight into the world of business.  I would suggest to anyone seeking help that Pro-Motion Consulting is a great place to find it.”

       “Pro-Motion Consulting has done a great job helping our company succeed.  Their ideas and advice have helped us to make educated and informed business decisions.  We continue to rely on Pro-Motion Consulting for our strategic and operational planning and I would highly recommend their services to others wanting to getting a notch up on the competition.”

       “Phil is one of the top professionals in his field. He has outstanding leadership skills with a way to unite and make everyone around him better. Honesty, integrity, extremely intellectual are just a few ways of describing Phil.”

       “Phil is a fantastic relaxed business coach that gives his true recommendations through a calm presentation. I have had the pleasure to work with Phil on some national association projects where we were part of the same team. I would recommend anyone to hire or work with Phil in a professional team building situation.”

       "Phil is an extremely gifted business professional with an ethical standard rarely seen anymore."

       "As our consultant, Phil has helped our firm focus on aligning our marketing strategy and market positioning with our overall goals and objectives. I would highly recommend Pro-Motion Consulting.

       Phil is an outstanding person of high integrity.  He is a true expert in the field and has a passion for helping others reach their goals.  Phil’s insight, intelligence, and values have made him successful in every sense.  He brings together great strategic ideas with the common sense to get them executed.”

       "Phil has a wonderful gift: to be able to analyze situations in a multi-dimensional way, incorporating his many years of business experience and give great advice, wrapped with a strong and wonderful human side. I would recommend him with no hesitation at all.”

       “Phil's tenacity, drive, and organizational skills give him the ability to quickly drive teams to a solution, while his marketing skills aid him in developing a branding strategy for your team's product.  His ethics are rock solid and are always in his customer's best interest.  Recommending him is an easy decision for anyone who knows him.”

       "Phil is a great leader, organizer and motivator.  His ability to plan and execute is outstanding.  Any team or organization will benefit greatly from his involvement, knowledge and energy."

       “I have had a business relationship with Phil Harwood for 5 years. Phil is a man of his word…extremely ethical and professional. I have come away from every meeting I have ever had with Phil with something I can use to improve my own way of conducting business. Phil is Top-Shelf!!”

       "Phil is an energetic, positive team leader, focused on results."

       "Phil brings his business acumen and positive attitude together to help our company find solutions. With his help, we have been able to put together tools to get our message out and get our customers and staff to better understand who we are and where we're going."

       "Phil is a true servant-leader in every sense of the word. In addition to being dedicated, reliable, and responsible, he has great personal integrity."

       “Phil is not only a successful business owner and brilliant manager, but a devoted mentor and a great resource.”

       “Phil is a bright, competent executive. In addition, he has a very likable, diplomatic style that puts people at ease.”

       “I had the pleasure to meet Phil years ago when he was a fellow landscape contractor, and jumped at the chance to retain him in a consultant role with my company. Everytime he has worked with my company we have gotten the desired results, and all of my employees feel Phil is a an important part of our team. I would recommend Phil to any business that wants to build a strong team, and focus on real growth.”

       “Phil is a consummate professional whose skills and knowledge transcend industries and disciplines. I have had the pleasure of working with Phil on a number of educational projects for SIMA and have always come away with different perspective on the topic. Phil’s leadership and team participation is calm but powerful and represents his integrity and knowledge. I would highly recommend Phil as a mentor and consultant for any business.”

       “Phil has been able to understand our very diverse company and break it down to assit us in developing a business plan. His positive way of looking forward and driving the process has been most helpful.”

“Phil Harwood has not only become a great advisor for our company but a lifelong friend.  When we hired Pro-Motion Consulting we more questions than answers.  Today, we are focused and strategic in our planning, with much optimism about the future.”  

        “Phil Harwood and Pro-Motion Consulting have been a major contributing factor to the growth of our companies.  With their support, we are confidently moving forward with a number of strategic initiatives and having success along the way.  The investment we’ve made in their services has been returned to us tenfold.”   


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